Rudi qualified in Reflexology in 2008 from “Central London School of Reflexology” and is a member of the Association of Reflexologists. Rudi trained in Maternity Reflexology in 2010 with Susan Enzer, where she found real fulfilment in supporting women during pregnancy by reducing symptoms; including back pain, symphysis pubic pain, morning sickness and acid reflux and by promoting an easy labour.

Rudi’s interest in energy work and her immense fascination in the human body’s anatomy and physiology along with her enquiry into the body’s universal intelligence lead her to pursue her studies in Chinese Medicine “ BSc in Acupuncture” from Kingston University, based at Reading campus in the “ Collage Of Integrated Chinese Medicine” in 2017. She is also a full member of The British Acupuncture Council “BAcC”.

Rudi’s deep belief in the continuing learning process has opened the door to many interests in her life, the fascinating Chinese Medicine is a collection of history, poetry, science, spirituality, psychology and storytelling. It is a never ending well of knowledge.

Rudi considers herself a beginner in her journey and commitment to learning which is fuelled by her love of nature including the nature of the human body and the human psyche.

Previous Studies:

BA in Psychology 1986 from Baghdad- Al- Mustansirya University. Iraq

Access to university courses in Psychology and Sociology 1996 from Morley College, London.

Level 1 Foundation Course in Yoga and the first lessons in Hinduism 2008.

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