“The acupuncture sessions eased the shoulder/neck pain which were the reason I saw Rudi for treatment. However more useful was Rudi’s holistic approach by recording my health history taking into account the physical and emotional well-being. I found the sessions very relaxing; they made me feel calmer and gave me a stronger sense of relaxation.I would strongly recommend trying this treatment. Rudi explained clearly her treatment step by step and kept a very close check on how I felt during the treatment.”

Huda N

“My reflexology treatments with Rudi have really improved my health and well-being. Rudi took time to understand and connect with me before commencing my treatments and I felt completely relaxed and at peace after. When performed by the right practitioner Reflexology is an amazing treatment and Rudi is a true professional and cannot be recommended enough. I always look forward to my next treatment!” 


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